Pet Cooling Mat - Non-Toxic

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Pet cooling mat

Outer layer: vine
Inner material: Sponge mix ice silk fabric

M: 70x50 cm; fit<10kg pet
L: 100x70 cm;  fit<40kg pet
XL: 120x73 cm;  fit<50kg pet

Color: as picture show

Usage: Gently brings down Body Temperature by Absorbing Body Heat! Automatically cools when an animal lies on it and instantly reduces body temperature.

*Non-sticky, easy to clean, can be washed or wiped. Can be folded and durable, bottom non-slip design.
*Stays cools for hours
*No Refrigeration or Energy Required. The Pad Begins Cooling Instantly. 
*This mat is perfect for dog beds, crates, kennels back seat of car or put it on the floor, and an easy-fold design that makes storage and travel effortless.
*Dog Cooling Mat will keep your pet 7-9 degrees below ambient temperature. Your dogs and cats will love the soothing coolness & cushioning comfort that scientifically designed and press activated pet cooling mat. Conventional dog beds absorb & trap your dog's body heat, creating an uncomfortable hot spot. Our Cooling Mat Not Only *Reduces Exhaustion & Overheating, but It is also recommended by Top Rated *Veterinarians to Help Reduce & Treat pet disease. 

Package Included
1 X Pet Cooling Mat

Avoid your dog to chewing the mat 
Simply wipe the mat with a mix of mild soap and water and let dry

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